Velocity Drive-thru timer Solution by i3 International
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Introducing i3's Velocity
Drive-thru Timer!

Speed up your service time & enhance customer loyalty.

VTS Features
  • Drive-Thru speed-of-service gamification

  • Single and Y-lane drive-thru support

  • Live video feed

  • Customizable PVM widgets

  • Ranked store leaderboard

  • Loyalty customer reports (optional)


There has been a profound shift in the drive-thru and its importance in today's QSR industry. Everyone wants drive-thru lanes to move faster, especially the customer. The technology for the drive-thru timers has marginally improved over the last decade. Moving customers through the drive thru as efficiently as possible is the key focus of i3's Ai based solution.

i3's Velocity Timer Solution combines POS transactions and video cameras with the drive-thru timer and allows operators deeper insight to run a more productive and secure restaurant.

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VTS overview

The operators can:

  • Set service time goals for every stage of the customer experience, from placing the order to pick up.

  • Maintain or improve Drive-Thru speed of service by monitoring various vital statistics in real-time using a user-friendly dashboard. Build staff awareness and engagement through gamified leaderboard that shows the store's real-time performance against other stores in the region.

  • Optional repeat customer identification and order/spending history can be added for a more personalized customer experience and enhanced customer loyalty.

How it works
How it work
What’s in it for your business?
Powerful User-friendly Display

Powerful User-friendly Display

Easy-to-understand dashboard that managers can immediately use to increase the efficiency of their drive-thru. The system displays live results using percentages, actual times, and colors to show staff how they’re doing at any given time.
Staff Awareness/Engagement

Staff Awareness/Engagement

Staff can quickly see their performance in real time and how they rank compared to other stores through the Leaderboard display, resulting in faster service times, more throughput and ultimately higher sales.
Repeat Customer Identification

Repeat Customer Identification

Feature recognition engine allows the staff to passively identify repeat customers. This allows for a more personalized customer experience and leads to enhanced customer loyalty.

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