Quick Service Restaurants Solutions | More than video surveillance | i3 International

i3 International has helped restaurant owners flourish by increasing sales while reducing costs. Liabilities such as fraud, food safety/waste, and criminal activity can cost restaurants thousands of dollars. The i3 solution is designed with Quick Service Restaurant operators in mind and optimizes CCTV technology and POS data, achieving improved operational performance, including inside and outside speed of service.

Unlike traditional CCTV solutions that are used mainly as a theft deterrent, i3’s smart video solutions offer operators valuable insights into their business; these insights can then help drive a better customer experience. Even with these added features, the i3 smart video solution remains affordable when compared to the standard CCTV system.

i3’s smart video system becomes an extension of your Asset Protection/Loss Prevention, and safety management teams with tools designed to increase compliance and improve shrink. The i3 QSR solution brings together the power of video surveillance, data analytics and artificial intelligence (Ai). Using i3’s smart solutions to gain better insight into the recent changes in mobile ordering, delivery service and curbside pickup will help you capitalize on sales opportunities and properly manage costs. i3’s smart solutions can provide operations, marketing, and merchandising departments real-time exception-based reporting.

What’s in it for your business?

Reach your goals

Leverage Ai-based solutions to encourage upselling, reward repeat customers and generate higher sales from promotional items and merchandise.

Speed of service

Combine Ai with your video system to monitor service times for in-store, drive-thru and mobile transaction pick-ups.

Reduce shrinkage

Integrate real-time data from your POS machine and reduce occurrences like customers-without-transactions or exceptions-without-customers.