During COVID-19 lockdown, i3 International leverages customer centricity to upskill integrators, customers, and our internal teams. - i3 International
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During COVID-19 lockdown, i3 International leverages customer centricity to upskill integrators, customers, and our internal teams.

The unprecedented events of COVID-19 have compelled i3 to cancel in-person customer meetings and to suspend all travel, causing i3's leadership team to actively seek the most effective ways to keep staff and customers engaged.


Virtue Training


Being the industry leader in offering full turn-key video solutions, CEO, Jack Hoang identified the need to provide premium training support for both integrators and customers as an integral part of the company’s ethos. As many businesses were forced to take a pause in their regular operations, i3's leadership team decided to focus on the identified training goals with laser precision.

The key training goalsidentified were:

  • setting up an engaging and motivating training program with new and relevant content
  • developing skills to ensure improvements in competencies and business performance
  • identifying content that is applicable and timely-ensuring acceptance and engagement

The Blueprint –

As work from home became the new norm during COVID-19, a cross-functional task team was established, which included Vy Hoang (Chief Customer Officer), Bob Hoang (Director Technical Services), Steve Middleton (Director, Customer Experience & Solutions Innovations), Mak Phadke (VP of Sales and Business Development) and Olga Skelly (Technical Writer / Training Coordinator).

The first exercise became identifying a common format for all engaged in training. The format chosen was Microsoft Teams, which had tremendous potential for sharing and recording the content for future use and was readily accepted by training participants.

The task team implemented training best practices to get the programs off the ground and began the process of performing needs assessment, assembling and creating training materials, reviewing internal alignments and setting goals. Lastly, the team tackled accountability and identified methods to ensure that everyone grasped the learnings and overall objectives.

What has been done and who has benefitted –

1. A central repository with all training documents and module materials has been established and periodically streamlined by the task team.

Vy Hoang– Vy Hoang, Chief Customer Officer, i3 International
“One of the best things we could have done during this pandemic was to strengthen our relationship with our clients and partners through the sharing of information. Not only in regards to our products, but in our plan on how to emerge from this situation as a stronger company. These training courses have been such a great learning point for our company. We continue to receive great feedback on our current and upcoming solutions.”

2. Upskilling and empowering Integrators, Partners and Customers

To date, over 100 technicians from 8 different organizations have been trained and certified using i3’s new Remote Learning program. In its first phase the program has received overwhelming response and endorsements that the course was well thought out and had multiple experts who made it the best form of training, given the circumstances.

Dan Valladares– Dan Valladares, Director Commercial National Accounts, Securitas Electronic Security
“The Securitas ES Commercial National Account Sales Team found the training by i3 International, of their VMS solutions, very informative and insightful for the ‘times’. Being able to present meaningful solutions that can support our clients in world that demands reactive, proactive and trusted solutions at a moment’s notice is invaluable.”

Beth Rose– Beth Rose, VP and Owner at Integrated Security Solutions
“i3's technical training was thoughtfully prepared and delivered to our team. We believe this was time well spent to understand their product and will help us deliver greater value to our customers.”

Kevin Rennie– Kevin Rennie, Sales Account Manager at Quickservice Technologies
“The training sessions were very informative, thank you and your team for putting in the time to present this to us. I believe i3 effectively demonstrated how this product is beneficial to our customers, while also focusing on how we can continue to drive sales during this challenging time. It is nice to know your team is always available even with short notice to educate or provide product support when needed. This certainly helps with customer engagement, customer retention, and our continued efforts to developing new business.”

3. Internal teams at i3

i3’s entire Sales team across North America have been trained with a good balance of technical hardware, software solutions and sales capability building.

Mak Phadke– Mak Phadke, VP of Sales & Business Development, i3 International
“Considering all the downsides imposed upon us by COVID-19 related measures, the one positive was, that it afforded us a little breathing space to crystallize the myriad individual training programs into a comprehensive, centralized & "focused on delivery" program. Wrapped in an interesting and updated format, we believe it will drive engagement at all levels, be it sales, technical or UX, making our breakthrough solutions more accessible and quicker to market via our engaged partner network. This is really the need of the hour given the pace of change we are undergoing in these unprecedented times.”

Choose i3 today!

i3 conducts all business with integrity and delivers products that contribute to our stakeholders’ growth and success. A significant part of i3’s success lies in our vast network of partners, rep firms, and dealers across North America, Europe, and Asia. Together, i3 has harnessed global economies of scale to bring connections and savings to customers and integrators.

With customer centricity being at the heart of i3’s values; customers and integrators across industries will continue to benefit from upcoming curated training programs.

As quoted by customers, “i3 is the consistent solution to unpredictable problems and helps protect businesses and drives bottom line. Get i3 today, it’s a no-brainer.”

If you’re ready to give your business an edge against competition and increase your profitability, schedule your personalized i3 tour with one of our specialists now.

Contact i3 today at 1.866.840.0004 or via email at info@i3international.com and the team will be more than happy to assist you.

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