Video Backup

Please follow instructions in this cheat sheet (page 2), but select your local storage drive in Step 4 instead of the USB (thumb) drive:

AVI video format: allows saving multiple cameras at a time, however, each video channel is saved in a separate file. During playback, the files will be opened with any Windows media player – one-at-a-time. This type of video backup does not require any additional software and can be opened on any PC that operates on Windows O/S. AVI backup allows adding embedded text caption to the video clip with such information as Channel number, Date/Time, Server ID, Frame number or Custom Text. AVI backups are less time-efficient: it will on average take over 4 minutes to back up a 10-minute video clip from 1 camera in AVI format. It will take less than 10 seconds to back up the same clip in the Encrypted (i3dvr Compression) format. AVI backup may take up to twenty (20) times more space on disk than encrypted backup. AVI backup files can potentially be edited with video editing software readily available on the market.

Encrypted (i3 Compression) video format: allows saving multiple cameras in a single backup file. This is a system's default backup video format. The saved encrypted backup file can be opened in SRX-Pro Server, SRX-Pro Remote (Advanced Data Manager), Video Pilot Client or with SRX-Pro Player. All saved cameras will be played back at the same time in the selected screen division. Encrypted backups are very time-efficient. It will take less than a minute to back up a 1-hour video clip onto local hard drive, 3 minutes if backing up onto a CD-R/DVD-R. Unlike AVI video backups, encrypted video backups are impossible to edit. Encrypted backup may take up to twenty (20) times less space on disk than AVI backup. Keep in mind that the length of a backup process for both video formats depends on several factors: backup destination (hard drive or CD-R/DVD-R), length of the backup clip, number of selected channels, video resolution and frame rate.


Login into CMSWeb -> go to CMS tab -> Click on +NEW icon and create an email alert.

Port# 1000 from DVR to i-Host Server.

HASP Key CMS mode must be in Standard Mode.

External Storage Devices

From the back of the system you go to LCM (LED Control Monitor), push the button, go to the menu, and reset.

IP Camera Setup

You may search for i3 Annexxus IP cameras on a local area network (LAN) with the help of one of the two i3 utilities: Annexxus Finder (legacy application) or Annexxus Configuration Tool. Both utilities can be downloaded from i3’s website:
Please go to SRX-Pro Add-ons section.

Detailed instructions for each model are available in the camera’s quick installation guide. To find your camera’s Quick Installation Guide document, please visit our Media Library: Please locate and open “Cameras and Accessories” category, then locate your camera model and open the corresponding documentation folder.
Keep in mind that since all i3 cameras are shipped with the same IP address, you assign a unique IP address to the cameras first. Use Annexxus Finder or Annexxus Configuration Tool to do so.

Detailed instructions for each model are available in the camera’s quick installation guide. To find your camera’s Quick Installation Guide document, please visit our Media Library: Please locate and open “Cameras and Accessories” category, then locate your camera model and open the corresponding documentation folder. Once your IP PTZ camera has been added to SRX-Pro Server, select i3 GiPi in the PTZ drop-down menu in the Hardware > Channels tab or in the IP Camera tab. This will enable PTZ capabilities of your IP PTZ camera. Make sure to use Advanced or Tree view to see PTZ control panel in Live Mode.

i3 offers a number of IP cameras that could be used as stand-alone network surveillance devices, without the need for i3’s SRX-Pro software. These cameras can be configured using Internet Explorer. Correct combination of IP address, user name and password are required for access. Some cameras support edge motion recording as well as FTP site, local storage or USB thumb drive recording. Due to constant changes in product offerings, please call i3 technical support for the list of latest i3 Annexxus camera models that support these features. Please contact our technical support team at: 1-877-877-7241.

Due to constant changes in product offerings, please call i3 technical support for the list of latest i3 Annexxus camera models that support edge motion recording. Please contact our technical support team at: 1-877-877-7241.

SRX-Pro Server software supports a large number of third-party IP cameras. This list is continually being expanded. Please refer to our Master GiPi List for the latest list of all supported third party IP camera models. In addition, true ONVIF 2.0 compatible cameras can also be added to SRX-Pro Server software, even when not appearing on the i3’s Master GiPi List. Please refer to the Master GiPi List document for instructions on adding both types of third-party IP camera (GiPi and ONVIF) to the SRX-Pro Server software.
To access i3’s Master GiPi List, please go to and click on the GiPi master integrations list link.

All i3 Annexxus IP cameras are shipped with the following default IP address is

There are a number of reasons that can cause black video screen at night. Before determining the reason, look at the camera spec sheet and determine whether the camera is day-and-night camera, has a low LUX factor, or is an IR camera (with LEDs)? If you’ve answered “yes” to any of the above, please contact our technical support team at: 1-877-877-7241. If you have answered “no” to all of the above, your camera does not support night-time video recording.

There are a number of reasons that could be causing video recording lag. E.g.: camera’s frame rate setting is set too low, available CPU power is too low or CPU is currently overloaded. Please contact our technical support team at: 1-877-877-7241 to determine what is causing your particular issue.

i3 Server

The numerical serial number of all i3 Servers consists of 6 digits: XXX-XXX. You must have a valid i3 Server serial number in order to receive support from i3’s Tech Support team.
The unit serial number can be found on the inside of the front unit door. If the unit does not come with a front door (2-series), the serial number can be found on the unit’s left-hand side panel.
You may find this video useful:

Serial number lets our team know when the unit was manufactured, what hardware components were used in the unit, what licensing the unit was sold with, what previous work has been done on the unit, if any. Unit’s entire maintenance history is also tied to the serial number. Technical Support must obtain your unit’s serial number before they can start providing you with technical support. Please have this information ready before you call us for support.

i3 recommends that i3 Servers be restarted once a week during off-peak hours. i3 default factory setting will restart SRX-Pro Software every Monday at 6:00AM.
i3 Servers that run continuously without being restarted for long periods of time will accumulate cache eventually slowing the system down. To avoid this problem, it is advisable to set a weekly restart time for the system. Server restart schedule can be configured and changed inside Setup > System tab. For help configuring SRX-Pro restart schedule, please contact our technical support team at 1-877-877-7241.

Disclaimer: i3 strongly advises against cold-rebooting your i3 Server. This can result in damaged hard drive sectors and cause data corruption and loss, as well as cause irreparable damage to the hard drive. The power button is located behind the locked chassis front door. Hold it down for 7 seconds to cold restart your i3 Server.

If your i3 Server is making loud noises, safely shut it down through File > Shutdown menu and contact our technical support team at 1-877-877-7241.

Internal watchdog function restarts i3 Server whenever SRX-Pro Server video recording stops abnormally or when the SRX-Pro Server GUI (Graphic User Interface) is "frozen" for more than 2 minutes. The internal watchdog function works only when SRX-Pro Server is running or when SRX-Pro Server has been shut down abnormally (E.g. from the Task Manager). This does not apply when SRX-Pro Server is shut down safely with the Admin key combination.

Watchdog timer can be temporarily disabled during unit maintenance by depressing the watchdog (WD) pin hole with a paperclip or another sharp object. WD pin hole is located on the front unit panel. Remember to turn the watchdog function back one once the unit maintenance is complete.

More information on Watchdog mechanism:
A time delay mechanism on the I/O board keeps the time between the signals sent to it from SRX-Pro Server. The SRX-Pro Server is sends a signal to the I/O board every 30 seconds, which resets the I/O board delay mechanism to a zero and prevents the system from being rebooted. However, if the signal from SRX-Pro Server is not received for more than 2 minutes, the I/O board will send a signal to the motherboard (via reset cable) and the system will reboot.

Yes, so long as your Server meets i3’s minimum hardware and software requirements.
Once you have confirmed that your Server meets all the requirements, you can then purchase i3 software package, including licensing from us. Please contact your i3 RSM in your region:

Latest i3 software, firmware, utilities and drivers can be downloaded from i3 website:

A variety of product documentation is available on our website, through Media Library portal:

To check your current SRX-Pro license status, please log into your i3 Server, go to Setup > Server Info > License Management.

To log into your i3 Server, click on the round lock icon in the top left-hand corner of the screen. In the Login window, enter your Use Name and Password and click Login. Default user name and password are "i3admin".
Note: If it’s you first time running the Server, you will be asked to Agree to i3’s Software Terms and Conditions. Please read the agreement, scroll down and click I Agree.

i3 Server does not have a built-in function to enable you to send a video backup clip via email, however you are free to send a previously-saved backup video clip via email outside of the SRX-Pro Server software. The maximum size/length of the video clip will depend on your email provider. i3 recommends to email video in AVI format only, and to limit the video length to no more than a few seconds.

It is possible to keep your SRX-Pro Server settings after the software upgrade. To do so, you must back up your settings before the upgrade. To Export your software settings, log into your i3 Server, then go to Setup > System > Server Settings > Export. Export your current settings to drive D:\ or an external media, such as a thumb drive. After the software upgrade, import your saved software settings: Setup > System > Server Settings > Import.

Note: It is also possible to manually back up the system folder with all i3 settings, which is located on C:\i3Pro Server\Configuration. You would have to back up the original folder before the upgrade and replace the new Configuration folder with the previously saved copy after the upgrade. Administrative access to the system is required.

SRX-Pro software can be safely closed without having to shut down in order to access Windows 7 Desktop when in Administrator more. When logged into SRX-Pro Server administrator, simultaneously press Ctrl+Shift+Alt+F4 on the keyboard at the same time. Enter administrative password in the pop-up Confirm Password window. The default admin user password is “i3admin”.

There are a number of reasons that can cause missing video that can include your i3 Server settings as well as component or software malfunction. Please contact our technical support team at: 1-877-877-7241 to determine what is causing your particular issue.

Please contact our technical support team at: 1-877-877-7241 if you have lost your login/password information. Identity verification may be requested.
Please contact our technical support team at: 1-877-877-7241 for instructions

i3 Switches

All i3 switches are shipped with the following default IP address: When configuring your IP cameras for the first time, make sure not to use this IP address to avoid conflict.

PTZ camera

Remote Viewing

Three types of free remote clients are available for download. SRX-Pro Remote and Video Pilot Client (VPC) remote clients are suitable for your remote Desktop computer and can be downloaded from our website: i3 also offers free mobile Remote apps for iOS (Apple Store), Android (Google Play) and Blackberry (App World). Please download from respective providers. .

SRX-Pro Remote is a client software that supports live viewing, video backup (to local and removable storage) and remote i3 Server setting changes.
Video Pilot Client (VPC) is dynamic client software that supports live viewing and video backup to local and removable storage. VPC is simpler to use and offers a faster connection as it does not support remote setup change that one can see live video and backup video to a local drive. Unlike SRX-Pro Remote, VPC supports iSearch, Thumbnail and automatic channel linking based on physical proximity on the map. VPC also offers channel color-coding for better and faster channel sorting. Channel linking is also supported by VPC based on the channels’ physical positioning on the facility map.

VPC offers secret question password recall option. It is possible to reset SRX-Pro Remote and Video Pilot Client password information. For help with remote client password reset, please contact our technical support team at: 1-877-877-7241.

i3 Server can be remotely accessed with SRX-Pro Remote and Video Pilot Client applications, Internet Explorer and Mobile Remote apps for iOS, Android and Blackberry. The following ports must be opened to enable remote access: 13225, 13226, 17221, 17222, and 48021-48025.
Please refer to the following bulletin for more information on i3 Server remote access.

Technical Support Policy

For technical support, call i3's Technical Support Department (1-877-877-7241.) The support line is manned Monday to Friday 9a.m. to 8p.m. EST, except holidays and weekends. You can also start a live support chat here: After hours i3 policy is to try to respond to calls within 2 hours. Please refer to this document for complete Technical Support Service Agreement (pp 3-4):

Warranty Policy

Most i3 cameras carry a 5-year parts and factory repair labour warranty. Please refer to i3 Limited Product Warranty information.

Most i3 systems carry a 3-year parts and 1-year factory repair labour warranty. Please refer to i3 Terms and Conditions for more i3 System warranty information (pp 4-5).

To obtain under-warranty repair service from i3, please contact our technical support team at: 1-877-877-7241. Most technical issues can be resolved over the phone without the need for factory repair. Do NOT ship your equipment to i3 without contacting our Support Team first to obtain Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number. All equipment shipped to i3 without RMA number will be returned to sender collect. Please refer to i3 Terms and Conditions for i3 RMA policy information (pp 6-10):

Under i3 warranty policy, i3 Servers can be repaired and serviced without voiding the warranty by a i3-certified technicians ONLY. i3 offers several ways of obtaining i3 Dealer Certification to its authorized dealers. Please visit our website for training dates and for more training options information:

Health Pass

The data (Name, Phone Number, Questionnaire answers) are stored/hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS). For more information about AWS hosting please visit:

A unique QR code is generated and stored for each site registered for i3 Health Pass.
 Visitor Type (Guest/Employee), Name, Phone Number, Access status (Denied/Granted), Date/Time stamp and a list of questions with a “YES” response are saved for each completed questionnaire.

Site administrators will have access to the data above for one or more sites they are authorized to view.

Collected data is organized and can be searched by date, and further filtered by Access status, Site Name, visitor Name or Visitor Type. Site administrators can view historical (calendar) report for each visitor. Where COVID-19 positive visitor has been identified, site administrators can view and export a basic contact tracing report into the Excel (*.xlsx) format. Contact tracing report consists of a list of visitors (Name, Phone Number, Visitor Type and Time stamp), who have completed the Health Pass questionnaire on a chosen day.

Data is being stored for 30 days

You can access your reports at: After successful registration, you will receive a username and password via email, to access reports for your registered site(s).

Question customizations for the free i3 Health Pass are accepted only where required by your local public health unit. Please contact to submit evidence of additional/modified questions as required by your local public health authority. We will reach out to you to get your QR code and your Health Pass questionnaire updated.

The following COVID-19 screening questions are included in the i3 Health Pass questionnaire:

Do you have any of the following New or Worsening symptoms or signs? Symptoms should not be chronic or related to other known causes or conditions: 

  1. Fever or chills (temperature of 37.8C/100F or greater)
  2. Cough
  3. Difficulty breathing or shortness of breath
  4. Sore throat, trouble swallowing
  5. Runny nose/stuffy nose or nasal congestion
  6. Decrease or loss of smell or taste
  7. Muscle or body aches
  8. Fatigue
  9. Headache
  10. Nausea or vomiting
  11. Diarrhea
  12. Within the past 14 days, have you had physical contact (6 feet or closer for at least 15 minutes) with a person who is known to have laboratory-confirmed COVID-19, or with anyone who has any symptoms consistent with COVID-19)? 
  13. Have you been directed to isolate/quarantine by public health, or are you self-isolating due to possible exposure to COVID-19? 
  14. Are you currently waiting on the results of a COVID-19 test?

Have you travelled outside of the country in the past 14 days?

For the full list of i3’s policies, including Service Level Agreements, please visit:

Yes, the Administrator can manually input the answers to the COVID-19 screening questions that were collected via a printed questionnaire (for visitors without mobile devices). The screening questions in the printed questionnaire must be the same ones included in i3 Health Pass questionnaire.

Each registered location is assigned its own questionnaire URL. Administrator can access the questionnaire URL on their PC or mobile device and fill out the questionnaire using the visitor’s information provided on a printed form.

Note, date/time of submission are saved together with each individual entry and cannot be changed. For best results, process all manual reports the same day they were filled out.