Staples uses advanced video surveillance technology to capture shoplifting ring thank to i3 International - i3 International
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Staples uses advanced video surveillance technology to capture shoplifting ring thank to i3 International

“i3 International understands the challenges LP Leaders face. They are a company that offers great products for loss prevention needs, with the flexibility to deliver business intelligence metrics, which are an added value to Executives in Sales & Operations.”


With 10-year-old first generation video security DVR units beginning to falter by the thousands, many large retailers have begun to struggle with their outdated video security systems and at Staples Canada's 328 nationwide stores this growing problem was no different. Last year, when Staples took a good hard look at their single platform security equipment with limited features and problematic servicing, they set a plan in motion to upgrade their entire surveillance system. The main objective was to find an expandable system that will not require a complete replacement in another 10 years, but rather one that could easily be upgraded with the latest technological advancements like the implementation of video analytics and store metrics. The replacement contenders had to offer seamless integration for future expansion and offer trouble-free performance.


In their bid to find an ideal replacement video security solution, Staples’ Executive LP team reviewed eight video security equipment providers. As with many retailers, their focus was on price and product scalability that was flexible and easy to integrate. But in addition to those common deciding factors Staples discovered one particular provider stood above the crowd offering not just "more for less". But rather a company with a knowledgeable team that displayed the importance of building a collaborative partnership. Toronto-based video security solutions provider, i3 International, was ultimately selected for meeting Staples’ criteria as well as for the comfort level that they provided. “I truly believe i3 is a team of people geared towards understanding the customer's needs", says Rui Rodriguez, Director of Loss Prevention at Staples Canada.


With the expertise of i3 International's knowledgeable team, Staples began their security system switchover in spring of 2011 using i3's advanced video surveillance hardware and software. Staples acquired equipment to convert their entire chain of stores and commenced the initial roll out of new NVR units to 150 Staples stores in 2011, along with the employment of door counting software, video analytics and IP cameras. Staples’ goal for the initial 150 stores equipped with new i3 surveillance systems is to measure “unconverted opportunities” in order to create targets and implement strategies for sales growth. After the initial installation Staples Loss Prevention personnel began to see immediate benefits of their new systems. Thanks to i3's Network Video Recorders, investigators were now able to "remote-in for investigations without having to travel, thus cutting down on travel expenses", states Rodriguez. Additionally, new surveillance equipment has assisted in a large investigation impacting 12 of the Staples stores that helped put an end to an Organized ink cartridge shoplifting group. Thanks to i3 International's new 2 Mega pixel IP cameras which offer premium picture quality and clarity, police officers were able to identify and apprehend the shoplifting ring suspects.

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