Video Embedded DVR (VEO) - i3 International


  • Servers can be sorted into Groups for convenience
  • Automatic substream display on low bandwidth networks
  • Automatic updates support
  • Compatible with Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10

VEO is the name of the embedded Linux-based operating software that is hard-coded into i3’s embedded Digital video recorder. VEO is i3’s entry-level professional enterprise system that is perfect for a video only solution. The VEO Embedded DVR is a cost-effective entry-level CCTV Digital Video Recorder that is bulletproof, fast, reliable and easy to use.

VEO16i Embedded DVR supports up to 16 HD or SD analog cameras with continuous recording, viewing and saving.

VEO video recordings are mobile friendly as video review can be done remotely or locally through a web browser. The VEO APP is available for Apple iOS and Android.

This entry-level system is a video-only solution that meets the base requirements for a professional CCTV system: to record, replay and download the video.