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SRX-PRO Server 7.0 Software

SRX-Pro Setup web client replaces the SRX-Pro Console and SRX-Pro Remote for all setup functionality.


  • SRX-Pro Setup web client replaces the SRX-Pro Console and SRX-Pro Remote for all setup functionality
  • User-friendly and updated server setup interface
  • Improved Video Pilot Client is used for Live, Search and Backup functions
  • HTTPS protocol supported for added network security
  • Automatic IP device discovery on the network
  • Easy two-step batch camera and encoder addition to the server
  • Fully integrated with i3Ai Server that delivers Ai-driven video analytics

i3 International is pleased to announce the release of SRX-Pro v7.0. Building on the success and reliability of SRX-Pro v6.0, SRX-Pro v7.0 introduces intuitive and simplified approach to system configuration.

SRX-Pro v7.0 package consists of the new i3 Pro Setup Web Client for all setup configurations, Video Pilot Client for all Live, Search and Backup video functionality, SRX-Pro and Web run-as-a-service applications that run in the background, and an SRX-Pro Monitor utility that allows for quick navigation between the platforms.

The new SRX-Pro v7.0 service supports HTTPS secure communication protocol that is becoming an industry standard in network security.

i3Pro Setup Web client has replaced the legacy SRX-Pro Console and SRX-Pro Remote for highly flexible and convenient setup configuration of a local or a remote i3 SRX-Pro NVR. i3Pro Setup can be accessed directly through an Internet browser on a local or a remote PC / laptop or launched from the Video Pilot Client or SRX-Pro Monitor utility on a local NVR.

SRX-Pro v7.0 is fully integrated with i3’s Ai Server that delivers highly accurate Ai-driven human and object detection as well as i3’s unique Queue Time analysis solution. The higher-accuracy i3Ai features as well as legacy Video Analytics features (such as Heatmap, iSearch, Moves in Direction, Crosswire, etc.) are now part of the i3Ai Server package that can be combined with SRX-Pro Server or a third-party Network Video Recorder.

SRX-Pro 7.0 can be updated remotely from CMS 5.8 for easy central management of multiple sites.

SRX-Pro Mobile Remote v2.5 provides a seamless remote connection on mobile devices, ideal for reviewing video footage on-the-go and from anywhere in real-time.

Minimum Hardware Requirements

When purchasing SRX-Pro licenses for use with a non-i3 server, please reference i3’s minimum hardware requirements

i3 SRX-Pro Apps: iPhone, iPad & Android

SRX-Pro Mobile Remote app is available for download from the Apple Store and Google Play Store

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i3 SRX-Pro legacy software

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