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Video Pilot Client (VPC)

The Video Pilot Client (VPC) is i3’s highly versatile remote client software notable for its fast connection and unique Graphic User Interface (GUI).


  • Fast and convenient camera access facilitated by color tagging, favorites folders and dynamic text search features
  • Live view snapshot
  • On-screen display - hide/unhide camera names, server name, or current date/time
  • Text overlay display - hide/unhide or show in a side panel
  • Picture-in-Picture digital zoom
  • Digital PTZ feature support for Annexxus 360° camera models
  • Camera linking through custom facility map
  • Audio playback, Control/Sensor, iSearch and iThumbnail support
  • Servers can be sorted into Groups for convenience
  • Automatic substream display on low bandwidth networks
  • Batch login information update for multiple remote connections
  • AVI/MP4/i3Encrypted video backup
  • Multi-channel backup
  • Up to 4 separate instances of VPC can be opened simultaneously
  • Automatic updates support
  • Compatible with Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10
  • Alert Centre support (purchased separately)
  • Video command support (for third party integrations)

The Video Pilot Client (VPC) is i3’s highly versatile remote client software notable for its fast connection and unique Graphic User Interface (GUI). Parts of GUI are displayed only on user demand, which helps utilize more screen space for live or recorded video viewing. Users can view the video either in high definition or VGA mode. VGA mode offers smoother video, while HD provides clearer video as required for identification purposes. To prevent dropped connections and slow video transmission, VPC will automatically switch into sub-stream display when low bandwidth connection is detected.

When connecting to multiple cameras at multiple remote sites, the VPC will create a thumbnail for each viewed camera of each remote location. The users can assign these thumbnails one of six available colors for easier future identification. Such color-tagging combined with thumbnail identification help improve and speed up search and video viewing by the user. Servers can be sorted into custom groups, while channels can be arranged into Favorites folders, for convenience and faster access.

VPC search and backup capabilities are simplified to meet the resource demands of multiple site and camera connections. Once connected to the remote location, users can perform a historical search or create a backup of the video onto their local storage media. Similarly, to view cameras, a thumbnail image is created for each backed up video clip for ease of reference.

VPC allows importing custom facility maps and laying out available cameras on the map by their physical installation locations. Facility maps help users identify where the cameras are located and simplify viewing cameras in the direct vicinity. Cameras positioned closely to each other on the map, are automatically linked by the software and are displayed together, which provides the user with the ability to track the subject throughout the facility.

VPC minimum hardware specs

CPU - i5, RAM - 4GB, OS - Vista/Win7/Win8/Win10


When running multiple instances, higher CPU power is required.


Video Pilot Client v7.3.2.120 (64 bit) - 86MB

Video Pilot Client v7.3.2.120 (32 bit) - 70MB

Other Requirements

Video Pilot Client requires SRX-Pro Server v3.0 or higher.

Visual C++ runtime library 2012 - use this link to download