i3 utilizes POS systems to provide comprehensive and actionable information. All popular POS systems will interface to provide analytics, including exhaustive exception reporting. The system integrates with transaction data from other sources offering powerful capabilities beyond other POS exception reporting systems.

i3 also negates the need for redundant systems by combining this capability with other in-store functions like traffic counting, thus providing cost savings on capital expenditures and ongoing maintenance.

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  • Accessibility to all POS transactions
  • Sort and search by time period, transaction type, amount, number of items, payment type, cashier, sales associate, SKU, exception type, and more
  • Immediate access to video
  • Automatic, customizable exception reports sent to email
  • Instant alerts based on specified criteria
  • Integration with third-party messaging and alerting systems
  • Web-based console with authorized access available from anywhere
  • Mobile access to transaction queries and video through iOS and Android devices


THEFT REDUCTION: POS exception reporting is an indispensable tool in reducing shrinkage, internal theft, credit and gift card fraud, and cash shortages. Cases are resolved, and studies have shown that knowledge that such a system is in place deters fraudulent activity.

QUICKER CASE RESOLUTION: Instant access to the provided comprehensive data enables LP staff to quickly target problems and move on to solutions.

TRAINING STRATEGIES: Knowing that employees perform to corporate standards is fundamental to ensuring satisfied customers. i3's video analytic system provides factual performance data to either change unsuccessful practices or reproduce those that are successful.

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