Social Distancing - i3 International
What we offer

i3’s Ai-based Social Distancing system is developed to keep your work environment safe and reduce the risk of potential COVID-19 infections. Our solution helps your managers re-enforce your policy of social distancing in the work environment by providing them with real-time alerts and reports. Those alerts and reports identify how many incidents are taking place in your facility. With this data in hand managers can now take effective action and engage with the employees on how to practice social distancing.

What’s in it for your business?

Accurate and Precise

Our system streams live and can be added to your existing CCTV system. It is easy to set up and maintain as our advanced Ai algorithms automatically detect the distance between people within your facility.

Monitor and Act In Real Time

Detect when people are standing too close for a duration of time and identify problem areas that may cause repeat issues where social distancing is not being adhered to.

Educate, Learn, and Improve

Automated reporting on social distancing issues from multiple areas within a building helps management confirm that their program, process, and policies are working. Live and historic reports are automatically generated on the number of incidents which may have occurred in a specified area, for a singular site or multiple regions.