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U30 VPM/SRX-Pro Server

Part No.U30


  • Up to 64 video channels (IP or analog)
  • Storage expandable to 8 HDD (144TB, 18TB each)
  • DP++ (4K), HDMI (4K) and VGA (1080p) ports for local live viewing
  • Dual 10/100/1000 Gigabit network
  • Embedded Windows 10 IoT OS on m.2 SSD drive for stability
  • Key lock access front panel
  • Optional TCP/IP 4 sensors inputs, 4 outputs (via UIO8 V2)
  • Note, U30 can be used for VPM Server
The SRX-Pro U30-series industrial NVR Server is designed to meet the performance and storage requirements of enterprise video surveillance deployments. Front-accessible, high-capacity hard drive storage ensures always-on recording, and provides for future storage expandability, while enterprise-class hard drives ensure maximum reliability and speed. The U30-series NVR server supports up to 144TB of video storage. Rack-mountable 3U chassis is designed for easy rack installations, and the chassis design facilitates optimal internal airflow for added Server longevity and reliability. The dual NICs allow you to keep your IP cameras on a separate network via a Gigabit switch, such as i3's S244 or S81, while accessing the Internet through the separate NIC without impeding your network. For video backup to external USB storage, use the front panel USB port and for even longer video retention or recording capacity, consider i3's iS416 external network storage. U30 comes preloaded with i3's flagship SRX-Pro software but can also be utilized as Video Pilot Matrix Server.