PS-AC25A18U | i3 International
PS-AC25A18U Power Supply
Part No.PS-AC25A18U


120VAC Input, 24VAC Output

25A Capacity

18 Outputs

Input and Output Fuse Protection

Power On/Off Switch

Compatible with HD-analog and IP Cameras

PS-AC25A18U is an 18-output, 25A, 24VAC power supply. This economical power supply can be effectively paired with i3’s line of HD-analog cameras (Am51, Am53, Am73) as well as specific IP cameras (Ax63Z, Ax63C, Ax65W, Ax75RMv2, Ax83C, Ax85) for a complete solution. PS-AC25A18 accepts 120VAC power input and provides 18 24VAC outputs, up to 1.39A per input. Each output is protected by a PTC (Positive Temperature Coefficient) resettable fuse, which protects the cameras and other connected equipment from excessive current flow.