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Leverage your existing infrastructure to gain access to the full capabilities of i3's Ai engine.

Benefits of i3Ai for your organization and business

  • Detect potential security threats before they happen
  • Universally implementation with i3 SiteVision
  • Reduce search time with feature recognition
  • Optimize workflow with pattern recognition
  • Detect repeat customers and build a stronger loyalty program
  • Increased profitability and revenue by generating real-time reports
  • Monitor customer count and conversion rates
  • Share Ai data with other groups in your organization to gain insight into your business

SiteVision 2.0

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SiteVision 2.0 represents a groundbreaking leap forward in surveillance technology, merging advanced video analytics, AI interpretation, Point of Sale (POS) integration, and interactive alarm systems into a single, powerful platform. This seamless integration transforms SiteVision 2.0 into a comprehensive solution that not only significantly enhances security and loss prevention but also boosts operational efficiency and improves the customer experience across various sectors, especially in retail and commercial settings. With its ability to correlate transactional data with video footage in real-time, provide immediate responses through voice-down alarm systems, and utilize sophisticated triggers for customized alerts, SiteVision 2.0 offers a holistic view of your environment. This enables businesses to proactively manage and resolve potential security threats, operational bottlenecks, and ensure transaction accuracy, all while optimizing customer flow and satisfaction. Designed to be scalable and flexible, it adapts to your specific needs as your business grows, making advanced AI surveillance accessible to everyone, not just tech experts. With SiteVision 2.0, enhancing your security, understanding your operations better, and creating a safer, more efficient shopping environment has never been easier or more effective.

What we offer

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i3’s Artificial Intelligence technology is a component used in video surveillance software that analyzes images from CCTV footage and effectively uses reasoning and detection to recognize objects such as humans, vehicles, animals, carts, etc. We offer real time detection and tracking that you can use to better protect your associates and property.  Combined with other data source, organizations can make informed decisions about their business and operations.

Ai employs machine learning to correctly distinguish between various objects. The system learns from previous data points and improves over time by continuously adding new data points, resulting in rapid and accurate detection. This learning algorithm allows for the development of more sophisticated analytics.

These services are all available via the cloud, leveraging the power of cost-effective onsite servers to get full access to our Ai solutions.  

Industries where i3Ai can be used to improve operations:


Facilities and institutions can use i3Ai paired in conjunction with perimeter protection to ignore non-human triggers, and therefore greatly reduce false alarms with a high degree of accuracy. In conjunction with i3’s feature detection software, user can quickly ensure the privacy of all individuals in a video scene by quickly blurring faces of individuals and object not meant for public viewing.


Ai in combination with your video system can track the waiting time and customer throughput for both in-store and drive-thru.

Transaction types have shifted to curb side, drive through and mobile ordering.  Using Ai data and video analytics, develop exception reporting that reduces costs and improves operational controls and sales.


Combine your video feed and data with i3’s Ai engine to tackle loss prevention and operational challenges easily managed from our cloud CCTV platform.

Monitor high-risk behavior, conversion metrics, and engagement with i3's Cloud Managed Services (CMS). Centralize incident management, backup, and sharing encrypted video with CCTV cloud storage. i3's comprehensive reports give you actionable data on store performance and areas of potential risk at a glance.

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