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Video Streaming

i3’s Video Streaming solution allows you to view live and recorded video securely, through a designated outbound gateway. Video Streaming is accessible through any web browser or your mobile device, making video review an easy and seamless process. An intuitive user interface minimizes the training time needed to master the application. This module is located within the Physical Security section of i3’s Cloud Managed Services.

Video Streaming simplifies workplace investigations allowing critical decisions to be made faster. Real-time live video review also significantly enhances the investigative effort. Access your security video anywhere and at any time.

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Incident Reporting

Incident reporting can be found within the Physical Security section of your CMS site. Document any incident that may have occurred on the site using a variety of helpful reporting templates. i3’s Incident Reporting allows the investigator to record all evidence, such as contact information of all individuals involved in the incident, incident time and date, location and any other relevant data.

Related video and documents can be attached to the filed incident. Created incidents can be managed internally or shared with other internal/external parties such as risk management or legal counsel.

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Video Sharing

The importance of securely sharing large video files through the internet has been a key concern for most organizations. i3’s Video Sharing solution allows secure video file sharing with internal or external parties. Accommodating most video file sizes, this solution allows users to securely share video via a link, which can be set to expire at a set date and time. The sharing process can further be secured by a unique user password to protect the data from unauthorized access. In the past, users have struggled trying to move video data between internal and external parties. This approach ensures the shared video remains secure, while still being easy for the recipient to receive and review.

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Health Monitoring

i3’s Health Monitoring solution allows all authorized users to have an immediate insight into the performance of the media server and the security hardware connected to it. All connected cameras and recording devices can be monitored for system health and functionality. This proactive approach ensures that critical hardware failures are addressed immediately as they happen, and not after a catastrophic event has occurred.

Mitigate potential risk due to hardware failure by ensuring that your system is protected with Health Monitoring. System administrators and technicians can use this function within i3’s Cloud Managed Services to monitor and keep their system fully functional. Intuitive reports make managing a large technology footprint easy and convenient.

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Access Control

The Card Access system deployed by i3 goes beyond your typical or standard proximity reader or keypad. By combining our robust card access solution with i3’s A.I. engine, your access system can now be used to recognize features such as license plate or feature matching to allow an additional layer of security for your facility. License plate readers can be used to create access to garages, buildings, secure parking areas and structures, therefore eliminating the costs of guards. Feature matching technology provides similar access to buildings and offices with the ability to automatically open doors and entry points. Look to i3 to enhance security for your facility.

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Alert Center

Alert Center is a critical function within i3’s Cloud Managed Services, which provides real-time alerts and notifications to key users. Triggers for the alerting system can come from a hardwire IO, alarm panel or video cameras utilizing A.I.

Alerts can be pre-formatted to provide accurate alert details, including the time & date of the alert, alert type, and accompanying images or video clips of the event. Since alerts are received in real time, this module is frequently used by monitoring agencies to monitor critical events such as a robbery, or access to unmanned facilities. The Alert Center can be customized to your needs and is a critical monitoring function for any organization looking for real-time notification.

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Cloud Storage

i3’s Cloud Storage allows organizations to store video from an unlimited number of cameras to the Cloud. While the decision-making process for allocating the right amount of storage can seem daunting, at i3, we aim to assist the organizations in need of storage redundancy and looking beyond the typical 30 to 90 days of video storage.

Cloud storage has been instrumental in providing most users with the ability to store data at a reasonable price, for easy retrieval. Video data can be stored for as long as 36 months or more. i3’s online Quoting Tool for calculating the storage requirements based on a variety of variables--such as the bandwidth, video frame rate and resolution size--is simple and quick. Understanding the true cost of cloud storage to your organization will help operators budget accordingly. These storage models can be custom-priced to fit your specific needs.