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i3’s Smart-ER is a combination of our Ai video detection technology combined with our POS data analysis algorithm. Together with Loss Prevention/Asset Protection professionals, i3 has developed standard and customized exception reporting for the operator to reduce theft. This process begins with a clear understanding and weighting of exception data forming i3’s risk matrix. Once the data is extracted from point-of-sale systems, it can then be sorted using one of the popular risk filters (such as VOID, CANCEL or employee discounts) or by creating a highly customizable risk filter based on the organizational needs. When these reports are aggregated everyday through our cloud engine, operators can quickly review store issue at-a-glance through intuitive exception reports combined with the associated video.

To add greater value to this AP tool, i3’s Artificial Intelligence engine is infused with the POS data to create unique exceptions such as “customer-not-present” or “vehicle-not-present” when cashiers are opening or closing the till. Trending analysis is used to indicate performance and exceptions across multiple locations.

Smart-ER is a critical tool used by businesses to address employee theft and improve operational metrics by relying on the power of video, data, and AI.

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Foot Traffic

Companies have long been using different methods to count customers and guests entering their buildings to better understand customer traffic and the associated behavior. At i3, we have empowered our customers to capture very accurate, “foot traffic” data utilizing standard HD IP cameras. By combining i3’s AI engine with POS data, operators now can generate powerful business analytics reports. Conversion rates, average transaction, and dropped baskets can now be calculated and reviewed remotely though your PC or mobile devices. This same tool can be used to ensure proper traffic flow through the store or provide a compliance tool for regulatory agencies monitoring a facility’s safe occupancy thresholds.

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Service Time

Service Time module is used to measure customer wait time inside the store, at the drive-thru or curbside. Ultimately, the goal of any business is to drive employee performance, increase sales and reduce costs. What gets measured - gets done. At i3, we have engineered a break-through technology that can help optimize your labor and ensure consistent customer service for your guest. By using standard IP cameras with i3’s powerful Ai engine, operators can now measure both the drive-thru, in-store and curbside service times. Let i3’s smart video solution and analytics help drive your top line performance.

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Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

i3’s Key Performance Indicator module lets the operator, or the organization, create a series of customized reports which are deemed critical to each business. These business reports are often derived from data already collected for operation and loss prevention purposes. Insights to this data that can help drive improvement for the businesses can be found in this module.

Using our Ad-hoc segment, reports can be extracted and customized to meet critical needs and changing business trends. With i3, the ability to create customizable reports including sales, transactional data and performance metrics-all in the form of daily & weekly reporting or charts & graphs is at your fingertips.