Outils d'administration - i3 International
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SRX-Pro Administration

i3 SRX-Pro admin setup allow user full control and setup of this media server. The i3 SRX-Pro media server is designed to manage the recording of all video devices and technology connected to this hardware.

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CMS Administration

i3 CMS admin setup allows the administrator full control and setup of the i3 portal. This i3 module allows the user to manage access, configure alerts, and push software updates to devices that are securely connected to this portal.

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PVM Administration

i3’s PVM setup, allows the user to fully control and set up any additional monitors that are connected to the SRX Pro server. These monitors can be configured with various data widgets allowing the user the ability to display digital information or messages locally, or be connected to i3’s secure cloud services. This allows for the simultaneous broadcasting of data metrics to the entire organization. Companies can monitor and optimize real-time performance objectives and other business metrics to improve valuations and profitability.