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Leading digital surveillance integrator ASC scores top marks with City of El Paso

Founded in 1998 Advanced Security Contractors is a company located in El Paso Texas that specializes in the sale and installation of Access Control systems, Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) systems, Fire Alarms and Burglar Alarms.

ASC has been extremely successful in recent years with several high profile El Paso installs using i3's digital surveillance equipment and software. Most notably:

"Our company success all boils down to our ability to offer a better product and service thanks to i3 International," said Sean Nordberg, Sales Manager for ASC. Nordberg continued: "Clients come to us seeking solutions for specific problems and whether it is digital surveillance cameras, CMS software or card access equipment, i3 simply offers a superior product than most other manufactures and certainly hands down the best service in the industry. The fact is i3 has better accessibility to technical support than any other provider I've dealt with."

El Paso City Hall

El Paso City Hall

El Paso Police Department

El Paso Police Department

Nordberg went on to state that in the past few years, i3 has provided his clients with a wide range of products including IP Cameras and their popular new CMS software, Video Pilot Client and POS software PACDM. After their install of i3's digital surveillance equipment at the El Paso Police Departments 911 monitoring center the word got out which led to several new installs including the El Paso City Hall. These projects proved to be so successful that then City Manager Joyce Wilson appointed i3 International as the official standard digital surveillance system provider for any city building in the city of El Paso. This was in part thanks to the glowing recommendations i3's equipment and ASC's service received from the city's IT Department. But the recommendations didn't stop there; Nordberg continues to receive praise from all their clients including the DEA, FBI and Homeland Security Officials.

With Ciudad Juárez, Mexico, one of the most violent cities in the world, just across the border from El Paso, there is a strong presence of federal agencies who continually work with the El Paso Police Department. Nordberg concludes: "These agencies work with i3's equipment first hand and appreciate the image quality as well as the software's speed and reliability."  


With 20 locations and growing, GECU's recent expansion also required an upgrade to their existing video security system in their branches and numerous standalone ATM's throughout the city. Since they already had a good experience with their previous generation of i3 equipment as well as with outstanding service from ASC, the choice was obvious. ASC upgraded GECU's system with i3's AX62 IP dome Cameras and Video Pilot Client Software, saving GECU substantial time and money. "Thanks to i3's Video Pilot Client Software we have been able to cut our department in half. Locating video clips is now so fast and easy we don't need the staff we used to require for investigations," said Maria Guerrero, Security Manager for GECU.

Guerrero continued: "Our #1 concern is safety of our staff and customers. Beyond that we look to our digital surveillance equipment to help us with external and internal theft prevention, vandalism and fraud. Hot checks (fraudulent check deposits) are a common problem and the IP Cameras help us to identify and cut down on fraudsters." 

Greater El Paso Credit Union

Greater El Paso Credit Union (GECU)

Guerrero concluded: "With our new i3 IP Cameras - it's like day and night compared to our old system. We work closely with law enforcement during investigations and image quality of our surveillance footage is imperative for a successful identification required for an arrest. Our equipment is now extremely dependabledependable, and the video quality is excellent, making everyone's job easier."


Another establishment that has experienced a significant difference in how they operate is the Contracted short and long-term parking facility, SP Plus Standard Parking at the El Paso International Airport. SP Plus approached i3’s partner Integrator ASC while searching for upgrade options to their existing old and obsolete video security system.

After working closely with the customer, ASC put together a comprehensive 24-hour surveillance solution to cover their entire parking facility with i3’s high-resolution Ax62 IP dome cameras at the entrances, Ax62C IP cameras at parking exits, as well as additional cameras to monitor the parking lots.

El Paso International Airport Parking

El Paso International Airport Parking

The result was a fully-integrated digital surveillance system that has helped SP Plus save time, prevent theft, catch vandals and resolve service complaints. "A situation happened recently involving an irate customer who complained to the airport about one of our cashiers. A quick review of the video clip in question showed that the cashier had in fact did nothing wrong and acted professionally despite dealing with an unruly customer," said Joe Chavez, Facility Manager for Standard Parking.

In closing, Mr. Chavez stated: "The quality of the i3 equipment is great! The clarity of the video is outstanding. The software is super fast and super simple to use. These guys get a 10 out of 10. I'm convinced that this system will save us a ton of money down the road."  


The City of El Paso International Bridges Department manages three of the region's international ports of entry - the Paso Del Norte, Stanton and Zaragoza. The border crossings connect El Paso, Texas and Mexico.

The U.S. sides of these ports of entry are owned by the City of El Paso and operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In 2011, more than 3.6 million passenger vehicles, 4.2 million pedestrians and 300,000 commercial vehicles crossed into Ciudad Juárez, Mexico through the three bridges.

City of El Paso International Bridges

City of El Paso International Bridges

With so many visitors each day plus over 50 employees to supervise, International bridges - a long time client of ASC - relies heavily on over 60 i3 surveillance cameras, i3 SRX-Pro Software and i3 Cortex Switches to help monitor these busy ports of entry. "We are constantly working with and providing video footage to U.S. Customs and Border Protection, Border Patrol, the FBI and many other police departments throughout the country. So thanks to ASC, we stay up and running. They are super fast to respond to any issues that may arise. " said Eddie Romero, Operations Manager for International Bridges.

As for i3’s digital surveillance equipment that International Bridges uses, Romero had this to say, "We love it, it does whatever we need it to do."


As a company at the forefront of digital surveillance technology, i3 International's key to becoming a market leader has been practical solution-based innovation and limitless hands-on support for their integrators and customers.

This family-owned operation with their head office located in Scarborough, Ontario employs more than 120 people worldwide and continues to receive rave reviews for the quality of their solutions and service from all sectors of the market including Government, Retail, Commercial, Financial, Educational, Healthcare and Casinos.

Bob Hoang from i3, Joe Chavez from SP Plus Standard Parking, Sean Nordberg from ASC

(Left to right) Bob Hoang from i3, Joe Chavez from SP Plus Standard Parking, Sean Nordberg from ASC

"The family culture we've created is truly the main ingredient of our success. Not only is it genuine but it really resonates with most people. This culture allows our customer-centric mission statement to reverberate throughout our entire company and network of integrators, partners and customers. We don't just build quality digital surveillance solutions, we build quality relationships," said Bob Hoang, Director of Technical Services at i3.

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