By using i3’s fever detection monitoring module at the entrances of your business, you will be able to detect if someone is entering with an elevated temperature (fever). An email alert is available for unmanned entrances. People entering the premise will receive an audible indication of their current temperature status—whether high or normal. By utilizing this fast reacting and reliable solution, you will be able to limit the exposure of your staff and guests to COVID-19 and in turn, continue to grow your business.


i3 Fever Detection Monitoring Solution

  • Real-time face/ mask detection

  • Face detection technology to distinguish real faces from a picture

  • Highly accurate face recognition using deep learning algorithm

  • High-accuracy IR body temperature measurement

  • Non-contact body temperature measurement

  • Human-sounding voice prompt

  • Stand-alone device, also ready for networking


This application will work in large building entrances, single door entrances, manufacturing locations and other business settings.

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