Occupancy Alert System - i3 International
What we offer

i3’s Ai-based Occupancy Alert System (OAS) is designed to help better your business and strikes the right balance to measure customer traffic within your location to assist in social distancing requirements and compliance matters; therefore promoting the health and safety of employees, customers, and communities.

What’s in it for your business?

Monitor and measure your occupancy threshold in real time

With your OAS System in place, you can know observe the number of people entering and exiting your facility at any time. Save on labor costs by staffing doors only when nearing capacity.

Track and report customer wait times

Estimate customer waiting times from outside the store with OAS’s tracking feature. Peaks in traffic flow are estimated and give your team the tools to take action to manage occupancy.

Provide accurate and real time interactive notifications

Receive immediate alerts on a public view monitor and i3’s CMS mobile app. Live and historic user-defined audit reports (including reports for multiple locations) ensure accountability. A secure connection to our i3 Cloud Solutions provides video confirmation of actions taken by associates.