Heat Mapping - i3 International

Utilize your video surveillance systems to their full potential and take the guess work out of the equation with i3’s heat map and region count module.

Take advantage of peak hours by understanding how your consumers shop and what is going on while they are in your store. View the daily or weekly trends of each section, as well as the traffic pattern for a given location.

Make informed decisions based on real-time data to better stock your store and increase impulse purchases by enhancing promotional merchandise displays.

What’s in it for your business?

Heat Map

Review at-a-glance the areas that aren’t visited as much and understand the impact on shrink. Maximize the use of high-traffic areas to test new merchandise, move products quickly or drive more high-margin impulse buys!

Traffic Control

Gives you the back-end story that includes the potential for sale in any given area and the interest shown by customers for that particular product. Should you reorder this sku? Traffic Flow can help you determine that.

Region count and Dwell time

Understand the wait time at the meat and seafood counter or review the time spent in the bakery and create a plan that schedules the perfect number of employees based on the traffic observed in each area.