Healthcare Solutions | More than video surveillance | i3 International

The healthcare industry is still in the process of undergoing rapid changes due to the COVID-19 pandemic. For over 30 years, i3 has played a key and pivotal role in being a change leader in this industry segment.

Using standard IP video cameras combined with i3’s powerful Artificial Intelligence (Ai) engine, i3 has helped security professionals maintain a safer and more secure environment. i3’s smart solutions can be bolted onto your existing application to add additional functionality, while at the same time removing the budgetary burden of a complete replacement of your existing infrastructure.

What’s in it for your business?

Response Time

Ai driven video analytics that lets your team react faster, recognise new opportunities and take appropriate measures to identify incidents sooner.

Access Control

Proactively monitor and manage access and exit points in real-time and from any location. Our alert functionality can be delivered to your i3 CMS Mobile app.

People Counting

Measure and understand the number of people in an area to provide appropriate security and guidance to ensure optimal flow at all times.