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Drive greater efficiency in your store with i3’s Ai Solutions


The grocery industry has evolved considerably in the last year with a massive expansion towards self-checkout, curbside and delivery services. i3 International understands the dynamic shifting of these services and continues to develop new and evolving technologies to address this changing environment. To meet the unique needs of the grocery segment, i3 began combining its smart video surveillance technology with i3 Artificial intelligence (Ai) engine.

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This Ai-driven solution delivers the data that businesses can use to increase sales and drastically enhance customer service. Team leaders within the stores, Loss Prevention/Asset Protection, and safety professionals are critical partners in using this all-encompassing view of their stores, to achieve best-in-class results.

Advanced users of this data analytics have been able to encourage employee compliance with standard operating procedures intended to decrease human error and waste as well as help mitigate malicious activity. i3 International understands the challenging realities of operating a grocery store and has developed a solution catering to the needs of this industry.

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What’s in it for your business?
Customer Experience

Customer Experience

With your OAS System in place, you can now observe the number of people entering and exiting your facility at any time. Save on labor costs by staffing doors only when nearing capacity.
Retail management

Retail management

Learn which customer segments shop, and use heatmapping + dwell time to ensure optimal flow through-out your store location.
Reduce shrinkage

Reduce shrinkage

With SMART-ER, get real-time alerts for transactions with specific criteria such as void, discount, overwrite, transaction on hold, transaction recalled etc.

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