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Keep your students and staff safe at all times


Student and staff safety is always a key priority for any institution. At i3, we have studied the trends and evolving security and safety regulations surrounding the education system. We have identified innovative ideas that can help your staff and students to continue to feel safe and secure in their environment.

i3 will ensure that your system is fully operational and recording at the highest image quality. Using our budget friendly solution i3 can be bolted onto your existing infrastructure of analog, HD, or IP cameras with minimal downtime. In many cases, cameras and media servers are installed in just a few hours.

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At i3, we understand that high-quality clear video images are a basic requirement for most schools. Combining the existing video cameras with i3’s Ai engine will enable your facility to start using i3's feature-recognition software such as outdoor and indoor detection, real-time alerting, and cloud support. These additional features will allow schools to blur individual faces on exported video to ensure privacy, while at the same time identifying unwanted individuals and vehicles. The same Ai engine will also help ensure ongoing student and staff compliance with social distancing, mask wearing and temperature measuring rules. i3’s smart technologies can run locally on site or be hosted in the Cloud to help manage long-term storage and secure user access.

As most schools are interested in making the most of their budget allocation, choosing an i3 solution will deliver a system that can be retrofitted to allow for greatest savings to the school, while still maintaining the highest technology platform to increase the safety of students and staff.

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What’s in it for your business?
Privacy and Data Protection

Privacy and Data Protection

Protect your students’ and staffs’ privacy with facial blurring embedded in the video and lifted only by authorized personnel when needed.
Secure and Affordable

Secure and Affordable

Offering turn-key solutions to easily upgrade your equipment over time, allowing improvements to data collection while meeting budget constraints.
Safety and Security

Safety and Security

Solutions for controlling access points, leveraging cameras and providing real- time alerts to administrators and security officers to prevent imminent risk.

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