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Secure business operations for fuel & convenience retailers


i3 International brings smart video solutions to the convenience, fuel, and truck stop industry to help reduce costs, increase sales, and manage risk. The i3 solution brings together the power of video surveillance, data analytics and artificial intelligence (Ai) to both new and traditional CCTV systems, building a dynamic tool to help support asset protection, safety, and store operations.

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Using standard IP video cameras combined with i3's Ai engine, our solution has enabled operators to measure inside speed of service, drive-thru and designated curbside pickup areas. With i3's Ai-based smart video solution, operators can now drive increased revenue and deliver enhanced customer experiences while deterring theft in all areas of their business.

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What’s in it for your business?
Customer Experience

Customer Experience

Discover your store’s hot spots and maximize the use of its high-traffic areas with effective product placement to drive impulse buys.
Loss Prevention

Loss Prevention

With Ai-based video surveillance solutions, you can protect your assets, secure your staff and customers, and minimize loss.
See the whole picture

See the whole picture

Our 360-degree cameras and IP camera provide sharp, clear footage of the interior and exterior of your store and eliminate any blind spots.

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