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Video surveillance can significantly benefit commercial sites as they strive to maximize operational efficiencies and protect assets. Theft of raw materials or finished goods, sabotage, accidents and even terrorist threats have made the manufacturing, storing and shipping of products riskier and more expensive. An i3 smart surveillance system offers ways to deter theft, protect employees, provide building security, while helping operators minimize risk.

Network cameras combined with i3’s Ai engine are used to collect metadata, which can then be turned into real-time alerting and reports. These alerts and reports are a valuable tool for increasing security for the facility and production efficiency.

What’s in it for your business?

Video Analytics

Analyze incoming video in real-time and be alerted to potential threats even if you do not have your own personnel actively viewing the system.

Cost Reduction

Ai solutions that bring enhanced safety and efficiency to prevent imminent risk to your people and property, and allowing you to optimize existing infrastructure.

Response time

Enterprise solutions allowing multiple locations to be strategically managed and ensure that your teams can take appropriate measures when needed.