Apparel Solutions | More than video surveillance | i3 International

i3 understands the realities of the retail industry and the needs associated with protecting brick-and-mortar stores and distribution centers. Protection of the bottom line from procedural errors, inventory shortages, waste and organized retail crime are critical for any business. For over 30 years, i3 has optimized its smart video surveillance system to do more than just record video.

The i3 solution brings together the power of video surveillance, data analytics and artificial intelligence (Ai). Our complete turnkey smart solution was designed by and for retailers, with a focus on improving process and detection for Loss Prevention/Asset Protection, risk-mitigation, Safety, Marketing, and Merchandising departments. When this data is shared, all the participating groups will gain deeper insights into the business.

What’s in it for your business?

Customer Experience

Learn which customer segments shop, and use heatmapping + dwell time to ensure optimal flow through-out your store location.

Increase Efficiency

Optimize every aspect of your premises, using intuitive data and determine where to deploy digital signage and other efficiency creating measures.

Reduce shrinkage

POS-integration technology detects any exception-based reporting and fraudulent behavior—whether internal or external.