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LPF Announces i3 International as Newest Associate Level Partner

(Mooresville, NC) The Loss Prevention Foundation (LPF) is excited to announce i3 International as the newest Associate Level Partner. The Associate level partnership secures numerous LPQ and LPC certification course scholarships and complimentary LPF memberships for i3 to distribute to industry professionals.

“The mission of the LPF is to advance the loss prevention profession  through our LPQ and LPC certification courses,” said Terry Sullivan, LPC, President of The Loss Prevention Foundation. “We are excited to  have i3 International join us as an associate level partner. Having partners  like i3 that are demonstrating their support of our mission and the industry,  is paramount to the success of the LPF and we are excited to see what we can accomplish together.”

For over 30 years, i3 has grown from a family-run business into a global brand  and a leader in designing, manufacturing, and supplying smart video solutions  for today's security industry. With i3’s patented Ai engine and  all-in-one cloud managed solutions, operators and businesses are able to make real-time decisions with new insights to increase revenue and enhance customer experiences.

Vy Hoang, Chief Customer Officer: “Terry Sullivan and the leadership  team at LPF have been instrumental in the development and enhancement of Loss  Prevention Professionals throughout the industry. Important to this endeavor  is building on the continued success and partnerships with the technology  sector. At i3 we recognize these values and synergies and look forward to a  long-term relationship with LPF.”

For more information on the LPF and its partners, please visit:  https://www.yourlpf.org/page/lpf_valued_partners

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