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Corporate Profile

i3's Vision Statement

To be the Leader in integrated video and data solutions that assist businesses to increase profitability.

Mission Statement

i3 provides: Intelligent, innovative and integrated smart video solutions through a family culture that values an outstanding customer experience.


President Jack Hoang

i3's simple formula for success has not changed much over the years - hard work and a strong desire to provide personalized, quality service. This philosophy continues to be our driving force today. By remaining true to our core values, I have watched our company grow into a cutting-edge organization that strives to improve technology with the distinctive needs of our customer base in mind.

As a company, we are equally committed to providing a comfortable livelihood for our employees and giving back to our community. One of our primary strengths is that, despite our rapid growth, we have managed to maintain a strong sense of family in our everyday working environment. That is, the family-centered atmosphere that characterized the business at its inception still very much defines the company today.

Clients continue to be drawn to i3 not only because of our innovative products and quality services, but also because of our rich, "family-like" working environment. This distinguishing trait is something that owners and employees alike work hard to maintain.

⚊ Jack Hoang ⚊

Our Story

i3 provides an intelligent, innovative, and integrated digital video solution that helps organizations create a safe and secure working environment.

At the core of our technology is our advanced Ai (Artificial intelligence) engine. This technology has enabled i3 to collect important meta-data which can help businesses and organizations drive efficiency, resulting in top and bottom-line improvement. For over 30 years, i3 has grown from a family-run business into a global brand leader in the design, manufacture, and supply of digital video solutions for today’s security industry. We understand the sophisticated needs of corporate security/safety and balance those needs with an end-user’s desire for simplicity and ease of use. In the 1980s, we led the industry in the research and development of video analytics software. Our innovation pipeline remains fresh with new approaches to image recognition for social distancing, occupancy alerting, data management software, video matrix software, POS and card access integrations that provide organizations with critical, timely information.

i3 International is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company with a complete line of UL/ULC listed products. Our technology uses sophisticated video compression techniques and large capacity, affordable hard drives to store and rapidly retrieve compressed video images or you can stream from the cloud. i3’s technology platforms include advanced image recognition, predictive data management software, retail point of sale integration, and much more.