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LAN Input/Output Peripheral Device

Part No.UIO8 V2


  • 4 sensor inputs
  • 4 control outputs
  • 4 temperature sensor inputs
  • Up to 16 UIO8 V2 devices per media server (64 sensor inputs / 64 control outputs)
  • PTZ control (RS 485)
  • Compatible with SRX-Pro and i3Ai
UIO8 V2 is a peripheral device that communicates and provides seamless integration with i3’s SRX-Pro and i3Ai applications via local area network (LAN). UIO8 V2 can be used for PTZ control as well as provide 4 sensor inputs and 4 control outputs. The new generation of the device also supports 4 temperature sensor inputs. A total of up to 16 UIO8 V2 devices with unique IP addresses can be connected to the same SRX-Pro Server or i3Ai Server offering a maximum of 64 controls and 64 sensors. UIO8 V2 is a versatile device that can be used for a variety of purposes within complex installations. Some of the examples of UIO8 V2 use include – triggering a control output of choice (e.g. strobe light, alarm, audio recording playback, etc.) in response to a number of motion or Ai-triggered events, or in response to the triggered built-in sensors (e.g. through external PIR, for example). A 24V AC power source or a network PoE switch can be used to power UIO8 V2 device(s). UIO8 V2 device, in turn, offers a 12V DC output, to power other connected devices such as Strobe, Buzzer, Alarm etc., making for a more convenient and cost-efficient installation.