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U16 SRX-Pro Core Media Control Centre

Part No.U16


  • Up to 16 video channels (IP or analog)
  • Storage expandable to 2 HDD (up to 36TB)
  • Combine with CMS, i3 Host, i3Ai Cloud, i3 Cloud Storage, or Velocity Timer Solution (VTS)
  • HDMI and DVI ports for local live viewing
  • Embedded Windows 10 IoT OS
The SRX-Pro Core Media Control Centre offers a built-in Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) switch able to support up to 16 IP cameras, eliminating the need, and therefore the cost, of an additional external switch. The U16 runs i3's Core version of the SRX-Pro software that combines practicality with performance. The U16 comes with two video outputs for both the legacy DVI and the latest HDMI monitors. It has a dual network card to simplify separating the (optional) integrated TCI/IP POS systems from the network/Internet connection used for remote viewing via i3's Video Pilot Client (VPC). Up to two i3-approved hard drives can be ordered, with a total video storage capacity of up to 36TB. The U16 is Cloud-ready and can be paired with the entire range of i3 Cloud solutions, including CMS, i3 Host, i3Ai Cloud, i3 Cloud Storage, and Velocity Timer Solution (VTS). When it comes to support and services, the U16 comes with a solid 3 year parts and 1 year labor warranty.