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TTP111HDL-02 Single Channel HD Analog UTP Balun, 2pcs
Part No.TTP111HDL-02
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Single channel passive video transceiver

NTSC/PAL real-time video transmission

Convenient wiring installation, higher cable utilization rate and lower composite wiring cost

Send CVBS signal up to 1300 ft and HD analog signal up to 800 ft over UTP cable.

Push terminals to BNC with 4-inch coax cable for easy connection

Compact size allows mounting multiple units behind an encoder, DVR, etc.

Passive, no power required

Built-in ESD, EFT (impulse noise) and transient protection

Passive UTP balun transmitter (sold in pairs). Push terminals to BNC. Compatible with analog CVBS and HDA (TVI/AHD/CVI) signal. Use with i3 HR16/HR16v2 encoder or Veo16p HVR and i3’s line of HD-analog cameras to replace coaxial cable with UTP cable for long distances.