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P-PORTALKEYFOB Proximity Keytags

Proximity cards and keytags i3 offers a selection of cards and tags for use with the readers. All of i3s 125 kilohertz proximity credentials may be used with the card reader. This includes clamshell and graphics-quality cards, keytags, hangtags and adhesive wafers. Read range varies with the credential type. P-PORTALKEYFOB Keytag Technology in Credentials: LF (125 kHz) communications between proximity readers and credentials. Excitation frequency: 125 kHz, transmitting and receiving. Read repetition rate: 1 read for each presentation of the credential into the readers RF "eld. Encoding for Tags and Cards Code format types: Wiegand-type for general use; other types for proprietary formats. Code format options: Number of bits between 26 and 50 bits total. Open code formats with 26 bits and 37 bits. Reserved facility codes in special 34-bit format. Application: Attachment to a key ring or keychain. Do not drill or punch anywhere of the Keytag.