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LE6 White Light LED Illuminator, 6W, 12VDC
    Part No.   LE6
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6 LED lights, 15m (49 ft) range

12VDC, powered by Ax65W

Activated by Ax65W Edge Motion/Analytics or optional PIR

Can be activated in low light conditions only or based on a schedule

Waterproof IP66

Well-lit environment is the key to clear, high-quality color security video. To improve your night-time video footage without retrofitting your current facility with additional lighting, add an optional White Light LED illuminator to your security camera installation. Introducing LE6, an optional accessory for Ax65W camera. This compact but powerful external LED flood light can be powered by Ax65W 12V DC output, no additional power supply required. LE6 can work in combination with the Ax65W camera 's built-in white LEDs and can be activated based on "Edge" motion or video analytics detected by the Ax65W camera or in response to the optional PIR connected to the same camera. To extend the life of the LEDs, LE6 can be configured to turn on in low-light conditions only or based on a custom schedule, configured in Ax65W. With the waterproof rating of IP66, LE6 is suitable for both indoor and outdoor installations.

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