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HR16v2 16-Channel Encoder
    Part No.   HR1600 V2
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16-channel video input

Support 5MP, 4MP, 3MP, 2MP/1080P, 720P, CVBS

Bandwidth-efficient dual streaming

H.264/H.265 Codec

Use with legacy analog cameras and HD-analog cameras

Reuse existing coaxial infrastructure

Take advantage of longer cable transmission distances

HR16v2 is an integral part of the HD-over-Coax solution offered by i3. This encoder converts HD and standard analog video signal into a digital video signal. HR16v2 supports both analog and HD-over-coax video input signals and can utilize existing coax cable, RG59, whether you want to use existing analog or install new HD-over-coax cameras such as i3's Am52RM, Am51, Am53 and Am73. HR16v2 supports HD analog resolution of up to 5MP for an outstanding video quality. Each HD-analog channel viewed through HR16v2 supports dual streaming: independently-configured Main and Sub-stream. HR16v2 supports real-time live viewing at 30 frames per second with resolution of 2MP or lower. In addition to the HR16v2 encoder, the user must also purchase the "analog channel" licenses. The licenses are available in bundles or singly, to enable the desired number of inputs that can then be added to SRX-Pro Server. SRX-Pro Server is capable of supporting up to 4 (four) HR16v2 encoders. When purchased with the encoder(s), i3 Server will be equipped with a single or a dual NIC card. Connect each the encoders to the i3 Server's designated NIC card or via an i3-recommended Gigabit switch.

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