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DVi1 CAT5 Extender
    Part No.   DVI1
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1 in 1 out

Included DVi transmitter, DVi1 receiver, used in pairs via one CAT5/5e cable to send DVi signal.

Dvi1 receiver as active receiver for high performance.

No external power required.

Support high resolution up to 1920 x 1200.

Support long distance up to 65 meters at 1024x768.

1 in 1 Out (Transmitter + Receiver) Passive, no power required 1920x1200 - 50M The DVi1 CAT5 extender is to extend your PC DVi transmission distance up to 65 meters with resolution 1024 x 768. With Dvi adaptors, users can transmit high quality digital video of PC application thru one cost effective CAT-5/5e to the remote monitor or projector, instead of using short and expensive DVi cables. With embedded EDID inside the adaptor, your PC will continue to send the digital video even when the monitor is not connected. The user can then disconnects the monitor, place it in a a remote location and reconnect it without rebooting the operating system.

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