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DB60CPM Corner/Pole Mount Bracket
Part No.DB60CPM


DB60CPM Corner Pole Mount Bracket

DB60CPM Mounting Kit includes: 2 x 4 Stainless Straps with Buckle Fasteners, 2 x Wall Plugs, 4 x Threaded Bolts, 2 x Mounting Screws, 1 x Template and 1 x Corner Pole Mounting Bracket

DB60CPM is a corner pole mount accessory bracket, designed to work hand in hand with the new DB60 goose neck wall bracket. This bracket offers the installer an ability to install cameras to suit different environment and aesthetic requirements. DB60CPM Mounting Kit: Two forms of mounting hardware have been supplied: two stainless steel straps and buckles for pole mounting; as well as two screws and two wall plugs. DB60 goose neck wall bracket comes with its own set of 4 wall plugs and 4 screws. When purchased together, DB60 and DB60PCM will come with a total of 6 wall plug-screw pairs, sufficient for building corner mounting installations. The bracket also has the ability to connect a 90-degree Liquid tight connector if required during installation. Warranty: 5-year parts