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D-i3-6800HB Camera Housing
    Part No.   D-I3-6800HB
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Completely weather resistant

Protects your valuable camera investments

The D-i3-6800 is a light duty wall mount camera housing designed specifically for use with any of the i3s camera series. Manufactured from die cast aluminium, the D-i3-6800 is capable of supporting a maximum load of 20 pounds (9 kg) and can be safely mounted to any vertical load-bearing surface. D-i3-6800 is beige color and IP66. D-i3-6800 camera enclosures is constructed from die cast and extruded aluminium without heater and blower while it counter part D-i3-6800-HB does. The D-i3-6800 has a lower body length of 16 inches. The front hinged lid provides easy access to the removable camera sled. Two adjustable (PG13.5) glands on the bottom of the enclosure allow for easy installation of the power and video cables. The rear link-lock latch can be used with a padlock of suitable size to secure the enclosure. The D-i3-6800-HB (heater and blower) does require 24AC and less than 1AMP. It is used for outdoor while the D-i3-6800 is indoor housing.

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