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CT1. Camera Cleaning Tool

Part No.CT1


  • Compatible with most 5/8" threaded poles (ACME standard)
  • Clean your camera domes without a ladder
  • Maintain clear video image by regularly cleaning your domes
The i3's CT1 security dome camera cleaning tool is designed to help you clean your dome cameras safely and easily. CT1 kit consists of a flexible dome cleaning assembly and two washable and reusable drawstring microfiber cloths to remove dust and grime from the plexiglass domes without damaging them. The dome cleaning assembly is compatible with most 5/8” threaded poles (ACME standard). Lightweight telescopic aluminum pole of appropriate length is recommended (not included). By combining CT1 with a long-reaching telescopic pole, the technician will eliminate the need for climbing ladders of getting on a raised platform, reducing the risk of falls. Use one cloth for cleaning and another one for drying. Wash the cleaning cloth before domes and dry and store between uses. For best results, use antistatic lens cleaning solution (not included) on the cleaning cloth.