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B77P T-Bar Mounting Plate

Part No.B77P


  • T-Bar grid installation
  • Easy camera position adjustment
  • Simple camera re-location
  • Compatible with M77
B77P T-Bar mounting plate allows easy installation of i3's M77 cameras onto most Standard 1" (15/16" face) T-bar drop-ceiling grid system types. B77P optional mounting plate takes seconds to attach to the camera and reduces the overall time required for camera installation. Once the camera is attached to the T-Bar grid, the camera can be moved within the length of the T-Bar channel for perfect camera angle. Note: B77P is not compatible with concealed grid, Slimline (9/16" grid) or L-channel drop-ceiling systems. B77P is also not suitable, for aesthetic reasons, for installation with drop-ceiling systems where the ceiling tiles are not flush (even) with the T-bar channel grid. E.g. where tiles hang lower than the T-bar channel grid.