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Ax52FM Flush Mount Plate
Part No.AX52FM


"T" Bar Flush Mount Plate

2x2 ft (600x600mm)

Compatible with most i3 cameras except: M79.

Simple and mess-free drop-ceiling installation option

Easy camera re-location

Ax52FM is a "T" Bar flush mount metal 2x2ft (600x600mm) plate compatible with most i3 dome cameras with the exception of legacy Fisheye series: Ax68/78/98 and the current Fisheye camera model: M79. Simply replace one of the standard drop-ceiling tiles with Ax52FM for discreet and mess-free dome camera installation. The plate comes with a flexible handle for easy handling. To move the camera, simply re-locate the Ax52FM to a new spot. Compatible i3 dome models: Current models: Ax65W, Ax75RM, Ax85, Ax47/67, Ax57/77, M77, Am51, Am53, Am73, Am57, Ax88 (pending release) Legacy models: Ax51, Ax52, Am42, Am52/RM, Ax45/65