i3 Ai 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) detection is a new generation detection algorithm based on the Deep Learning technique.

i3 Ai has the capacity to recognize the shape of 22 categories of objects from video stream such as humans, vehicles, and faces. This is an important step in video surveillance as it reduces the number of false alarms caused from shadows, fog, rain and any other non-relevant moments that can trigger a false alarm.

In Ai Search, Ai can list snapshots of all the faces that appear in an area, thus users can identify a person in question and playback the clip immediately.

The addition of i3 Ai to your CCTV surveillance system will improve the accuracy of business analytics for retail transactions such as customer-without-a-transaction and transaction-without-a-customer. These improvements are evident at cash registers, self-check-outs or drive-thru areas.

When i3 Ai is used in conjunction with your perimeter protection, the consequence is immediate accuracy. The ability to create an alarm for humans or human faces only means an immediate reduction in false alarms triggered by a dog, cat, bird, and airplane.

i3 Ai runs as a windows service on a GPU leaving the CPU free for other processing requirements.