Artificial Intelligence (AI) detection is a new generation detection algorithm based on the Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) technique. AI is a process of learning a shape, e.g., human and assigning it a name, e.g., human. This represents a big step forward from Video Analytics (VA). In VA, the system recognizes movement, with i3 Ai they system recognizes the shape of a human. This difference is an important step in video surveillance as i3 Ai reduces the number of false alarms due to shadows, fog, rain and any other nonrelevant moment that triggers a false alarm.

Currently, i3 Ai can identify 22 different shapes including airplane, bird, car, bike, human, human head/face, dog, and cat.

The addition of i3 Ai to your CCTV surveillance system will improve the accuracy of business analytics for retail transactions such as customer without a transaction and transaction without a customer at both a cash register, a self-check-out or drive-thru area, door counting, dwell time and heat mapping. When i3 Ai is used in conjunction with your perimeter protection, the benefit is immediate accuracy. The ability to create an alarm for human or human face only means an immediate reduction in false alarms such as dog, cat, bird, and airplanes.

i3 Ai runs as a windows service on a GPU leaving the CPU free for other processing requirements.