Pipe Extension Bracket


  • Pipe Extension Bracket
  • Support up to 10kg
  • Compatible with i3S700-series speed domes


Dome Camera Mount Options Guide 


The i3D709 provides an extra extension, 50 cm or 19.7 inches, to the i3S700-series speed dome when mounting on the ceiling. This part can be used in conjunction with the i3D704 or i3D705. With a diameter of 2.4 inches, the i3D704 can provide ample space for camera wiring. The i3D709 is rust-proof; it is made from steel alloy and is power coated with white paint. Call our customer care representative for further information.

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Dimensions 62mm x 500mm
Weight 1.4 kg
Shipping size 520mm x 130mm x 70mm
Construction Aluminum
Color White