UIO8 LAN Input/Output
Peripheral Device


  • 4 sensor inputs
  • 4 control outputs
  • Up to 16 UIO8 devices per SRX-Pro Server (64 sensor inputs / 64 control outputs)
  • PTZ control (RS 485)
  • Dual-purpose device: Card Access System Portal or Peripheral Device for any of
  • Digital/Network Video Management Systems (SRX-Pro)


UIO8 Quick Start Guide 


UIO8 is a peripheral device that communicates and provides seamless integration with any of the i3 Digital/Network Video Management Systems (SRX-Pro) via LAN. The UIO8 is compatible with the SRX-Pro software version v.2.2 and higher and provides the Server with the PTZ control, 4 sensor inputs and 4 control outputs. A total of up to 16 UIO8 devices with unique IP addresses can be connected to the same SRX-Pro Server offering a maximum of 64 controls and 64 sensors.

The main purpose of the UIO8 is facilitating the communication between DVR/NVR and relaying of the inputs or outputs.

A 24~36VAC power source or a network PoE switch can be used to power UIO8 device. UIO8 offers a 12VDC output, to power other connected devices such as Strobe, Buzzer, Alarm etc., making for a more convenient and cost-efficient installation.

i3's UIO8 can also be used in a Card Access System installation. Up to 16 door access controls can be connected to the same network IP address as a daisy chain via RS485 from the first controller.


Access Control
Input Ports 4
Output Ports 4 programmable
No. Cardholder Database 10000
Max number of controllers per network 4080 controllers, 16 Controllers per IP address x 255 IP addresses
Ethernet Ready 1x RJ45
Power Over Ethernet (PoE) PoE 802.3af (15.4W) / PoE 802.3at (POE 25.5W)
Alternative Power Supply 24-36 VAC
5VDC OUTPUT Max 0.8A with PoE and 24 VAC
12VDC OUTPUT Max 1.5A with PoE, 1A with 24VAC
Power Consumption 220mA-275mA at 24VAC input
RS485 PTZ control, Master controller to other daisy chained controllers
Communication & General Info
Host PC to Main Controller TCP/IP
RTC (Real Time Clock) Battery backup
LEDs Power, signal transmission, board function, device health, firmware upgrade
Software Application
S/W i3 SRX-Pro Server v2.2 and above; Web Server; Windows 7/ Windows XP
S/W i3 SRX-Pro Server v2.3 and above; i3 Portal; Windows 7/ Windows XP
Mechanical Characteristics
Dimensions (LxWxD) 6.7'' x 2.9'' x 1'' (171 x 75 x 25 mm)
Protection Class CE, FCC, Class A
Warranty 3-year parts, 1-year labor