U3i SRX-Pro / i3Ai NVR Server with GTX Video Card


  • Up to 64 video channels (IP or analog)
  • Up to 32 i3Ai channels
  • Up to 112TB internal storage (up to 8 HDD, 14TB each)
  • Dual 10/100/1000 Gigabit network
  • CMS Health Monitoring
  • VGA, DVI-D, DisplayPort ports for local live viewing
  • Embedded Windows 10 IoT OS on SSD drive for stability
  • Key lock access front panel
  • Optional TCP/IP 4 sensors inputs, 4 outputs (via UIO8)


U3i is i3's Rackmount i3Ai solution with the largest internal storage capacity, supporting up to 32 channels of i3Ai detection and tracking and up to 64 channels of video recording.

If SRX-Pro software complements the i3 Ai software by recording the video streams used for Ai detection. U3i Server is an enterprise-level solution, complete with high-capacity hard drive storage, which is expandable to 112TB. Additional storage can be achieved with external storage devices (sold separately). Software licensing is completely customizable to meet each customer's unique needs: from video security to intelligent video data analysis.

The powerful GTX2070 video card supplies the GPU processing power required for i3Ai technology. Windows 10 IoT operating system comes on a Solid State Drive for added stability and fast boot-up times. Running on Intel Xeon CPU, the U3i powers all its components with a 600W power supply.

The 2 NICs allow you to keep your IP cameras on a separate network via a Gigabit switch, such as i3's S243 or S242, while accessing the Internet through the second NIC without impeding your network. For video backup use the slim DVD recorder or the USB (on the front panel) for easy-to-use external USB storage.


Hardware Configuration.
Chassis Type U3i Series Rack Mount
Physical dimensions (WxDxH inches/mm) 17⅜ x 20 x 5 13/16 inches / 508 x 440 x 148 mm
Min. Weight (lbs/kg) 29.25 lbs / 13.27 kg
Motherboard Type DFI
On-board Graphic Card VGA (1), DVI-D (1), DisplayPort (1)
On-board Audio Card Line Out/Mic
Connectivity (LAN/WAN) (without HR16) 2 X 1GB/sec
Operating System Windows 10 IoT
Operating System Drive Solid State Drive OS
Keyboard & Mouse Yes
Number of Control Outputs / Sensor Inputs NA (upgradable to 64 / 64 using 16 x UIO8)
Analog Video Support Yes, via HR16
Built-in PoE No
Power Consumption 380W
Power Supply 600W
Power Input 100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz, (auto switch)
Operating Temperature 20℃ - 25℃ / 68℉ - 77℉
Relative Humidity < 80%, non-condensing
Video Configuration
IP Camera Inputs (max) 1 ~ 64 (Max. No. of channels = 64)
Analog Camera Inputs (max) via HR16 1 ~ 64 (Max. No. of channels = 64)
Highest Model Number (w/o analog support) EX30064
Highest Model Number (w/ analog support) EX36400
Compression Types Selectable h.265 / h.264 / MPEG4 / MJPEG
Main Monitor Output VGA / DVI-D / DisplayPort
Screen Display 1, 4, 9, 10, 13, 16, 25, 36, 64 (selectable)
Backup Video / Snapshot Format i3 Encrypted, AVI, BMP, or JPEG
Third Party IP Camera Support www.i3international.com/partners
360° Fisheye IP Inputs (Max) ≤number of purchased IP licenses
Video Storage Configuration
Maximum Number of HDD 8 (i3-approved WD models only)
Number of HDDs included N/A (use i3-approved WD models only)
SBB4/SATA Expansion 1 x SBB4 (default) or 2 x SBB4 (optional)
Maximum Hard Drive Capacity, unformatted 96TB (i3-approved WD models only)
Software Configuration
Remote Viewing Video Pilot Client, SRX-Pro Mobile, CMS Video Streaming
Pre-alarm/Post-alarm Recording Yes
Recording Modes Time/Date - with time zone ref., sensor, motion, continuous, analytics, i3Ai
Max. number of PACDM® channels. Serial / TCP/IP 8 Serial / 16 TCP/IP (Optional)
Max. number of i3Ai/VA channels (i3Ai, VA. iSearch, Heatmap) 32 (Optional)
Max. number of dDisplay channels 2 (Optional)
Max. number of Remote connections 50
CMS Health Monitoring Optional
Warranty 3-year parts, 1 year labor