Intelligent Software

i3’s proprietary video surveillance software is known for user-friendly interfaces and ease of use. i3 software is module based and available to you when you need it, on the go with mobile/tablet friendly application access, at head office with remote monitoring, as well as on-site with local viewing. i3’s industry-leading Video Management Software (VMS) is scalable and can be expanded to match the needs of your business. The modules include:

SRX-PRO - a powerful digital video management software that supports up to 64 channels of video recording.

Videologix - takes traditional video analytics to the next level only sending an alert when specified human/object criteria are met.

Video Pilot Matrix - enables viewing of "real time" video of up to 180 cameras (from an unlimited number of connected IP cameras) on up to 6 monitors with ‘Google like’ searching capability perfect for live security monitoring of facilities or events.

POS Integration – collects critical data about your business, made possible by integrations with the most popular POS systems and i3’s PACDM™ database allowing you to react in real-time. Video Pilot Client – is a highly versatile remote client software notable for its fast connection, flexible features and ease to use design.

Alert Centre – is a remote monitoring module to view and manage systems at multiple locations.