Cloud Managed Services (CMS)

CMS by i3 is flexible, allowing users to customize their web interface, enabling them to select the most vital business data for their business organization. By recording statistics such as door count or in the case of a drive through a vehicle count and using Heatmap technology to record region counting and timing in specific areas; customer behavior

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Can be better understood, and a predictable forecast established. Other significant numbers can be produced such as the conversion rate accurately calculating for you the ratio of customers entering the location compared to the ones that complete purchases.

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Conversion rate

Conversion rate one-pager

Progressive retailers need information on traffic and conversion rates. The people count/conversion rate feature provides simple graphs and reports that display traffic and conversion in each location in real-time to help decision-makers see the big picture quickly.

CMS conversion rate

Queue time

Queue time one-pager

Queue time tells you how long people stay in any defined area. Queue time when applied in many different zones or department throughout a location provides valuable data that help manager make informed business decisions.

Examples of Queue time reports at work are:

  • Modifying staffing schedules to match customer flow.
  • Modifying store layout to maximize flow through aisles.

Queue time is also called Dwell time when the region does not indicate a line but specific location or department. An example of Dwell time reports at work are:

  • Placing sales staff at an extended dwell time location to respond to questions promptly.

CMS wait time 1

Heatmap and flow

Heatmapping one-pager

Thermal heat signatures of customers are recorded creating a map of where people have spent time in the location. This provides the retailer vital information on the flow of foot traffic through the location. The Heatmap can display the images taken over a time and can be further analyzed by date and frequency. Heatmap provides numerical data in a colored pattern for ease of use and quick reference. Cameras may be viewed live when Video Pilot Client (VPC) software is installed and running.

CMS Heatmap

Drive through (dwell time)

Dwell time one-pager

The drive through report will display the numbers of vehicles that passed through the drive through along with the dwell time, or time spent at the drive through window. You can choose to view the information by Hourly, Daily, Weekly, WTD (Week to date), PTD (Period to Date), and Monthly. The raw data displayed in the spreadsheet can be exported to an excel spreadsheet for further data analysis.

CMS videologix

Custom reports

Custom Reports are a collection of prefabricated reports developed by the i3 CMS development team. If there are reports you don’t wish to have in the list, they can be removed by contacting the CMS team. Conversely, if there is report you would like to see please contact the CMS team and they can work with you to create a customized report to provide the data you require.

CMS custom reports