How the technology works  

Every day human beings recognize an extraordinary number of new and familiar objects in various shapes, sizes, colors, and textures. Taking traditional surveillance technology to the next level VideoLogix software is a biometric security solution designed for use in a variety of applications.

VideoLogix (VL) utilizes technology that allows the computer to closely mimic recognition abilities of a human being. The built-in human/object recognition and tracking system works in real time and offers a range of security solutions.

Security video recorder with video analytics

  • Shape recognition technology: Recognizes humans, vehicles, objects & missing objects
  • Motion detection technology: Ideal for People count, Area detection & Crosswire
  • Object tracking: Predefined events are detected & reported
  • Dwell time; Quantifies the time people idle in front of a given display

Advantages of Videologix

  • Mimics and even exceeds traditional monitoring capabilities
  • Improves search and playback capabilities
  • Reduces CPU and memory usage
  • Reduces number of false alarms