SRX-Pro Server/Remote 6.0 Software 


  • Backup has been made easy with the improved Backup Wizard
  • Record and backup your preferred video stream: main, sub or both
  • Export your video with audio in *.mp4 format with the optional watermark
  • New “space saver” recording type saves only keyframes during times of no sensor/motion
  • Set custom video retention length for one or a group of channels
  • Experience greater peace of mind with the Server Auto Upgrade feature
  • Newly introduced Service mode ensures higher reliability and robust performance

i3 International is pleased to announce the release of SRX-Pro Service/Remote 6.0. Building on the success and reliability of SRX-Pro 5.0, SRX Pro 6.0 continues to offer an adaptable and user-friendly interface that can integrate with even more IP cameras than before. The new release provides complete flexibility of choosing only main, only sub or both streams for video recording. Either one of the recorded streams can then be exported in *.mp4 or *.AVI format with the help of the newly re-designed backup wizard.

Video Analytics users will now be able to enjoy simplified and streamlined setup interface for quicker and more precise configuration.

The new run-as-a-service SRX-Pro software ensures that when your NVR is part of a domain policy, your security video continues recording uninterrupted after a system restart, no need for a user to log into the Windows OS login.

SRX-Pro 6.0 can now be updated remotely from CMS 5.2 for easy central management of multiple sites.

SRX-Pro Server/Remote 6.0 provides a seamless remote connection on mobile devices, ideal for reviewing video footage on-the-go and from anywhere in real-time.

Minimum Hardware Requirements

  1. When purchasing SRX-Pro licenses for use with a non-i3 server, please reference i3’s minimum hardware requirements - click here
  2. i3 SRX-Pro Server/Remote v6.0 Release Notice - click here

Network Video Recorder

  • i3 recommended computer server (please contact tech support for model numbers and specifications)

Minimum Hardware Requirements - click here

i3 SRX-Pro Server/Remote v6.0 Release Notice - click here

i3 SRX-Pro Apps: iPhone, iPad & Android

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i3 SRX-Pro legacy software

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