Cloud Managed Services (CMS)

i3's CMS incident report module is a powerful web-based tool for organizations to maintain up-to-date records of safety-related issues and document liability claims. It is user-friendly and provides everything to track, record, and report incidents with video evidence attached. i3's Incident report module gives visibility to what has happened and helps anticipate and prevent further accidents from occurring.

Incident reports 1


Incident reports 2


  • Report safety incidents, accidents, and injuries through a centralized online portal accessible.
  • Create custom incident forms.
  • Generate incident reports sorted by employee, groups, departments, type of injury or liability claim.
  • Report incident frequency and severity rates and easily export to Excel or PDF formats.
  • Manage the entire safety incident life cycle in one place.
  • Incident reporting forms trigger automatic, escalating follow-up emails to employees responsible for corrective actions ensuring prompt resolution.